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Here at we do all the hard work so you can compare broadband easily, and from the comfort of your own home.

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It is our aim to become the best broadband comparison site on the web. We hope our bespoke comparison tool will allow you to filter plans which will allow you to compare what is available and get the best deal. We understand that you're aim might not always be to save money, you might just want to switch to a new package which better suits your needs and as such, our unique comparison pages allow you to do this easily.

Here at we're real honest people. We want to help you to choose the best broadband provider and package for your needs, be it cheap broadband, all singing all dancing broadband, or any other type of broadband service.

How much money can you save?

It doesn't matter if your looking for super fast broadband or cheap broadband, as here at we have everything! From the UK's biggest names in broadband like Virgin Media, Be Broadband, TalkTalk Broadband & Phone, and Sky Broadband & TV, as well as some of the smaller broadband providers like PlusNet Broadband and Zen Broadband.

We constantly monitor the UK broadband industry so that we can bring you the latest prices, deals, and offers. We check our details daily to ensure that our broadband comparison tables are up to date to help you find the most suitable deal on your broadband.

Get a better deal with our broadband and internet guides

Beginners guide to broadband - Learn about how the internet works, from fixed line ADSL broadband through to mobile 3g broadband.
Mobile broadband guide - Detailed guide about mobile broadband and how it works.
Business broadband guide - A detailed guide about business broadband, identifying the key differences to home broadband. Understand why it's worth paying extra for a business service.
Switching broadband provider - This guide walks you through the process of changing from your current provider to a new provider, it's easier than you might think!
Choose the best broadband package - How to choose the most suitable broadband package and what to look out for.
Speed up your broadband package - Practical things you can try to speed up your broadband connection without switching to a new broadband provider.
Internet security guide - Everything you need to know about internet security
Safer online shopping guide - What to be aware of if your shopping online, and learn about your consumer rights are and what additional protection you get when shopping online.
Skype & VOIP guide - Using your broadband connection as a cheap/free phone service.
Broadband jargon buster - An explanation of all the broadband words that you don't understand.
A message from the owner
I set up this broadband comparison website back in 2006 after being offered a very expensive deal from one of the big broadband providers. After a lot of research I realised just how many broadband providers there actually were – lots. Although there are some big sites out there that offer a comparison table of broadband products, I felt that these were not best suited to helping me choose the level of cover that I needed, for a price I was prepared to pay.

I designed the site specifically to help individuals find the right broadband package. When I say right broadband package, I mean the package that is most suited to their needs as I know this doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. The comparison tool is very customisable and is designed so that people of all ages and backgrounds can use it.

I also quickly realised that people could become easily overwhelmed by the choice I was giving them, so I introduced some broadband and internet guides, intended to guide people through the process of selecting a broadband product.

In 2013 I introduced the a brand new website design which is better on the eye and easier to navigate. I hope you find the site useful and are able to find a better value broadband deal.

John Carr - Owner

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